Our Company

Welcome to your only shop to obtaining all essentials needed to be in tune with yourself. GS Imports was created to fill a void that we found in acquiring quality instruments at an affordable price.
Our instruments are procured from craftsmen who have been perfecting their art for generations. GS Imports' inventory houses only those instruments that we would feel privileged to play ourselves. Each instrument is thoroughly inspected and professionally packaged prior to shipment to the US. Once arriving to the West Coast, these instruments undergo multiple rounds of quality assurance by knowledgable musicians and teachers, with the ultimate goal that our clients can pride themselves in receiving products of the highest caliber.
Growing up, we had heard of music’s magical abilities and its significance in our culture. Musicians who created manifestations of the Sound within themselves by carefully carving wood and gourds, fashioning clay, stretching hide, and twisting metals were our inspiration. Though technology has since evolved, yearning for the primal Sound of ancient instruments is still true of the modern musician. Thus, we wish to bestow this opportunity to everyone, with the hopes of upholding a timeless tradition.
Be in tune with yourself.